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Molded foods no longer are in the past || Raleigh News & Observer

Crab and tomato aspic.

March 02, 2018 05:50 PM

Behold the Jell-O shot, the last surviving member of one of the weirder culinary traditions: sculpted food.

Something about the foods that wiggle and jiggle took them out of food fashion decades ago. 

But molds, aspics and Jell-Os – all actively forgotten in the annals of culinary history – will have their retrospective, their moment in the, well, not sun exactly because they might melt, but a kind of spotlight for sure. 

This Sunday, the Durham Hotel is hosting an edible art show called “O Moldy Night,”reviving and celebrating the wonders and curiosities of sculpted foods, prepared by some of the area’s best chefs.

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